Are you among those repeat visitors who dropped so much in love with the island that you chose to move to Aruba? It should be a huge decision to make, but it’s possible anyhow. You are just among the many people that have actually found sufficient reasons to intend to reside in Aruba.

Arubans practically stay in a somewhat high standard of living. Those who want to function truly do discover job. Their low criminal offense price level supports the fact that destitution is not noticeable on the island. So, as an immigrant, it should not be much of a problem also, right?


Aruba work regulation states that a job permit need to be obtained from the Priest of Justice by a non-citizen that wants to operate in Aruba. The application is filed by the potential company that will certainly also pay. A job authorization is provided unless a neighborhood applicant is located appropriate for the job. There are a number of various other files that need to be provided with the application. These include an official accreditation removing the individual of any type of criminal sentences from the country of origin, clinical certificate to confirm that the person has no contagious diseases or mental illness, duplicates of the employment ads published in local newspapers, certifications to validate the individual’s certifications, and the agreement of employment according to Aruba employment regulation.

The minimal lawful wage monthly is $592 with fifteen paid holidays annually. Aruba employment law recognizes eleven public holidays yearly. The Aruba work law more states that a five-day workweek must not go beyond 42 hrs of job, that is, a six-day workweek ought to just have 45 hrs of job. This is true if business is none of the following: restaurant, gambling enterprise, hotel, or oil refining. Or else, shift work allows a maximum of two days of job per week.

The base pay set last January 1, 2004 was $691 each month or Afl 1,236, for every single employee at least 18 years old. Based on Aruba work legislation, this month-to-month base pay was again enhanced last January 1, 2006 making it at $756 or Afl 1,360.

According to the Aruba work law, in situations of layoff, compensation is based upon the size of service. Employees offering in between 1-10 years will obtain a week’s pay. Those that were employed in between 10-20 years will obtain 1.25 week’s pay. And for those who offered greater than two decades obtain a matching of 2 week’s pay.

The Aruba work law plainly shields the rights of its citizens. They are being prioritized for job openings for as lengthy as they certify. No wonder this island has one great treasure– its happy people.

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